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Celestron Power Tank 7

Celestron Power Tank 7

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Energize with the Celestron PowerTank 7 Ah 12 VDC Power Supply. This versatile accessory boasts two 12VDC car/vehicle plugs for your telescope and accessories, along with two USB ports to charge small electronics like phones and GPS devices. Equipped with a robust spotlight for your journey to the observation spot and a smaller flashlight for setup, you can maintain your night-adjusted vision with the red lens cap during observations. Plus, it's designed with a built-in circuit breaker to safeguard all your equipment and devices from potential damage.


  • Equipped with a 7 Ah capacity for extended use.
  • Features two 12 VDC car/vehicle plugs with an adapter cord.
  • Includes two 5V USB ports for charging small electronic devices.


  • Offers a powerful, large white LED spotlight with a tiltable head for easy navigation and setup.
  • Provides a smaller flashlight for various tasks.
  • Comes with a red lens cap to maintain your night-adjusted vision during use.

Additional Features:

  • Incorporates a built-in circuit breaker to safeguard your electronics.
  • Includes a 110-220 VAC switchable universal power adapter for versatility.
  • Features LED indicators to display charging and battery power status.
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