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Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector

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Step into the magical cosmos right in your room with our Galaxy Projector. It turns any space into a celestial wonderland, filling it with stars, planets, and nebulae. Whether you're winding down or having a fun night, this captivating light show sets the perfect mood for you.

Comes with 12 4K Film discs - Freely choose your favorite film disc for projection.

The timer function can help you easily solve the problem of turning off the lights.

Light source power: 10W
Product size: 108 * 109 * 112mm
Certification: EU ce certification

Note: Replace the film after 2-3 hours of use or allow the machine to cool to prevent discoloration due to high temperatures. Utilize an adapter that meets the product's specifications, such as a 5V/2A power adapter. Inadequate current may disrupt the lamp's operation, while excessive current may necessitate the use of a regulator to preserve its longevity.

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